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How Can I Make Money on Blogging Without AdSense Step by Step Guide

Here in all blogging tips and others internet stuff...
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How Can I Make Money on Blogging Without AdSense Step by Step Guide

Post by ...:::Cain...::: » Thu Dec 27, 2018 5:14 pm

Can Bloggers Earn Money Without Google AdSense
You may be wondering how you can make some money on blogging and that without Adsense? There are many newbies pursuing blogging in the form of a career as they have an idea of how much money blogging can make. You may also know the way that Google Adsense gives an earning platform, particularly for bloggers via their quality of ads plus ad revenue which accomplish their blogging requirements. Nevertheless, you may not be getting the approval required by Adsense. Adsense may not be providing much earning for you. You, therefore, may be looking for some other ways to make money by being a blogger.

You need to know that Adsense tends to be a good advertising network that bloggers can use. Nevertheless, it is not the only one present to make money. If you are looking for other ways to make money being a blogger then continue reading on.

How Can I Make Money on Blogging Without AdSense Step by Step Guide

Here Given Some Tips Earn Money on Blogging Without Google AdSense

# Try out affiliate marketing
How Can I Make Money on Blogging Without AdSense Step by Step Guide

Affiliate marketing is regarded as being the process of gaining commission particularly by selling other individual’s products. You need to select a product you like, then you initiate promoting this product on your blog. At the time that someone purchases the product via your affiliate link, then you will receive the commission.

To be successful in affiliate marketing, some may be thinking that they will need to pursue PPC marketing and building huge Email lists. Nevertheless, this will not need to be done when your blog has sufficient readers. Simply select the correct products and then promote these on the blog.

Remember that affiliate marketing does take time. Therefore if someone claims to be able to make you successful overnight, they are lying to you. Many courses are present in that state they will help you make much money, and they ask you to purchase their products. Some of these are scams. If you want to make money as a blogger with affiliate marketing then you will have to work hard.

# Buy as well as sell advertising space online

Those blogs that possess more organic traffic tend to be the Probloggers, being able to make more money by selling advertising spaces to some influencers, marketers or also sponsors that want to advertise their products.

Over here it is possible to select the space where as well as how to show their particular ads. You have to develop an “advertise with us” type of page moreover let the online marketers actually promote their products. This can be done by displaying their product ads via banner ads on your blog.

You can make money on blogging through direct advertising. Over here you can monetize your blog. A benefit of direct advertising is that you will not need to be dependent on the third party. You will have complete control of your own ads. Therefore you can place them where you want to and how you want to.

Nevertheless, if you are only starting a new blog then direct advertising may not function for you. It is necessary to generate a sufficient amount of traffic to the blog you have so as to attract advertisers.

If you want to get direct advertising you can:
  • Develop an “Advertise” page that has information concerning Blog stats, Advertising options, plus Audience profile, etc.
    Employ OIO Publisher plugin so as to manage your ads.
    Go to other blogs that are related to the niche you have and see who is advertising upon these blogs. You can try and contact those advertisers.
    It is possible to join some forums such as DigitalPoint to help you find advertisers.
# Write sponsored reviews along with sponsored posts

Another way to make money as blogging is to write some sponsored reviews as well as sponsored posts. Nevertheless, do not sell links. Did you know that product owners and service providers actually pay bloggers to write useful information about them? This may be by some sponsored review or some sponsored post.

When it comes to sponsored reviews, the product owners will actually ask you to write some review of the product they have. Sponsored post tends to be publishing a paid post concerning a product or also service. This may be written directly by your or also by the advertisers.

You can make some money if you are a blogger and do the above correctly. You need to be careful when it comes to sponsored posts. Remember the below points prior to writing sponsored reviews or also posts:
  • The post must be connected to your niche.
    Do not accept any casino or also gambling sites.
    Remember to add “nofollow” tag particularly to the advertiser link.
    You should write detail posts that can attract other advertisers.
If you are a blogger and are looking for ways to make money without AdSense you can try the above out. Remember that all of the above may not work well for you at a single place. Therefore you need to find out the thing that works best for you.

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Re: How Can I Make Money on Blogging Without AdSense Step by Step Guide

Post by Mccaryi70 » Tue Mar 12, 2019 9:43 am

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